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Molten salt pump application in anthraquinone production dev

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Anthraquinone is one of the tar deep processing products, as the important intermediates of organic dyes, used as the steam in the papermaking industry agent, can also be used for synthesis of pharmaceuticals, organic pigments, waste water treatment, pesticide, etc., in the fertilizer industry used in the manufacture of desulfurizer - anthraquinone and sodium sulfate. Anthracene oxidizing reaction with air generated anthraquinone, belong to the exothermic reaction, the reaction process of anthracene as the reaction temperature rises, the oxidation reaction rate has increased dramatically, but if the temperature is too high, the side reaction of benzene anhydride, maleic anhydride and carbon dioxide formation, to yield is reduced, so the control of the reactor temperature is crucial for the improvement of yield, often use huawei molten salt pump will be high temperature molten salt will be excess heat out of the reactor, the practice proves that the introduction of molten salt reaction temperature after heat 

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