KEYWORDS: High temperature molten salt pump


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Prototype pump of the molten salt pump

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    1.The mechanical performance of the salt pump and drive motor will he observed.
    2. The design of the drive motor and cooling system and the drive motor support system will he proven.
    3.The lubrication system for the salt pump and the provisions for handling shaft seal oil leakage will he checked.
    4.The transient characteristics of pump speed and salt flow during startup and coast down will be determined.
    5. The hydraulic performance and cavitation inception characteristics of the salt pump will he obtained over a range of pump speeds and salt flow rates and temperatures.
    6. The characteristics of the purge gas flow, which is introduced into an annulus around the pump shaft to control fission product diffusion up the shaft into the gas seal region, will he determined.
    7.The characteristics of the pump with the helium bubble ingester and removal devices, which will he used to remove Xenon 135 from circulating salt, will he verified in salt.
    8. The maximum salt void fraction that the pump will tolerate will he determined. Measurements will he made of the void fraction in the circulating salt due to gas entrained from the gas space by the salt by pass flows within the pump.