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Cooling requirements for molten salt pump

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Cooling requirements for molten salt pump 
For the high temperature molten salt pump, in order to improve its life, it is generally used to cool the way, should pay attention to several aspects of the requirements. 
1 Cooling water amount according to the requirements of WARWICK pump. 
2 cooling parts, cooling water pipe parts. 
3 cooling water pipe connection mode, should be connected in parallel. 
4 cooling water temperature. The bearing chamber inlet water temperature of the bearing chamber should be higher than the ambient temperature, lest it be condensed. 
5 cooling water quality. Cooling water can choose to use the circulating water or fresh water, the general choice of circulating water. If the circulating water containing impurities and suspended solids and more and more easily fouling, will affect the sealing effect and the normal operation of the pump, can choose fresh water. When the circulating water or fresh water of the dirt coefficient is greater than 0.35m2. / kW and delivery of liquid temperature at 70% or above, can use the water and recycled water, but should try not to use recycled water to soften the water. 
6 cooling purpose 
1) Reducing the temperature of bearing. 
2) Moving the heat from the molten salt bath to the motor area.