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Molten salt storage heating green world debut at Warwick pum

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Morning of May 9, 2016, cic million star new energy molten salt storage technology green global heating launching ceremony in shijiazhuang city, hebei province xinji worship Yang village was held. Molten salt storage technology, chief scientist at the Beijing university of technology, professor ma heavy aromatic, new energy investment co., LTD., chairman of cic million star ya-bin li, Warwick pump industry co., LTD., the chief engineer wei hua and so on a number of experts and leaders to attend.
Molten salt storage technology is an expert in heavy aromatic, professor ma led the Beijing university of technology after ten years of professional research developed a new type of green environmental protection energy storage technology, can greatly reduce the influence of the fog, heavy aromatic, professor ma said "molten salt storage green heating starting around the world, is not only the big energy structure adjustment, and economic structure adjustment event".

Professor ma heavy aromatic speech
Ya-bin li, chairman of the speech

Warwick pump industry with cic million star President ya-dong li wei made China general contract

Molten salt storage profile:


Based on double molten salt solar thermal heat transfer heat storage system, belongs to the heating device technical field. The patents include: the present invention using low melting point of the molten salt as a solar heating system heat transfer working medium, at the same time in the accumulation of heat and steam generator heat exchange structure using common cheap binary salt directly as the accumulation of heat, heat transfer working medium, thus formed a new type based on the double double pot of molten salt salt, salt accumulation of heat transfer, heat transfer system. The invention patent is the use of the characteristics of low melting point of the molten salt synthetic oil instead of the conventional system, at the same time reduces the heat absorber frozen blocking probability. In the accumulation of heat and steam generator heat exchange structure directly using common cheap molten salt as working medium, formed a new salt, salt accumulation of heat transfer, heat transfer system. The system improves the thermal efficiency, design structure simple, reduced the molten salt pump, valve, pipe with quantity, increase the reliability of the system, save investment cost, simplify the system operation mode, decrease the system operation maintenance.


Jinan Warwick pump industry introduction:


Jinan Warwick pump industry co., LTD., is specialized in the production of domestic manufacturing molten salt pump series products of high-tech enterprises, brings together the domestic pump industry cutting-edge of talented, has the advanced technical strength and abundant brand new management idea. Warwick pump industry to carry on the localization, the molten salt pump series for the first time in the fine chemical industry, heat treatment industry and solar industry are widely used. Main application industry has fine chemical, solar heat, salt bath furnace molten salt replacement needs such as molten salt for hot and molten salt transportation industry. Molten salt pump applied in multiple industries has 20 years of history, the molten salt pump series products reached the international advanced technology level, the domestic leading level, multiple products was rated as high-tech products.