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Pivotal technology of molten salt pump

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    When nitrate, alumina, phthalic anhydride and other chemical raw materials are prepared and produced. Temperature of the medium is 250 ~ 460 degrees. And the process is uninterrupted. So the safety of the molten salt pump transportation and the stability of the equipment’s operation put forward very high requirements.
    According to the forecast of the relevant departments, demand of high temperature molten salt pump will be growing at 25% a year in the next 10 year for petrochemical industry. Application in metallurgical industry even reached 30%. From a technical view, effective cooling of the bearing and pump’s efficiency have been pivotal problems of molten salt pump that they have been not solved. Because of this, it leads to the result that domestic products can’t content with the similar foreign products that the price of foreign products is 3 times more than domestic products. Most of high temperature molten salt pump that they are used in our country at the present time imports from Germany, France and the United States.
    The relevant departments of developing the first domestic high temperature molten salt pump have formed the scale of production. The high temperature molten salt pump has been successfully used in Aluminum Corporation of China and other large domestic metallurgy chemical industry. Practical application shows that the bearing’s life of 600RYC type high temperature molten salt pump has exceeded 20000 hours. And it is the equivalent level with the international level.
    This is Pivotal technology of molten salt pump. If we understand this problem, we can be smoothly done or easily solved when we encounter similar problems.