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Classification and application of molten salt chemical pump

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    Classification of chemical pumps:
    1, According to the principle of operation and structural classification:
    1) Vane pump: after the pump shaft rotating, a variety of impeller blades would deliver centrifugal force or axial force to the liquid. It delivers the liquid to the pipe or container, such as centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps, mixed flow pumps, axial flow pump.
    2) Volume type pump: Using the pump cylinder body volume changes the delivery of liquid pump, such as reciprocating pump, piston pump, gear pump, screw pump.
    3) Other modes of the pump: the electromagnetic pump uses electromagnetism to deliver the conductivity of the liquid. The pump uses the fluid energy to transport the liquid, such as jet pumps, air lift and so on.
    2, According to the use of chemical industry to classify:
    1) Process pump: including feed pump, reflux pump, circulating pump, scour pump, sewage pump, make up the pump, pump output, fluorine plastic chemical pump.
    2) Public works pump: including boiler pump, cooling tower pump, fire pump, water pump and so on.
    3) Assisted use pump: including smooth pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic transmission pump and so on.
    4) Pipeline transport pump: oil pipeline with pumps, loading and unloading trucks and so on.
    3. According to the delivery of media to classify:
    1) Pump: including clear water pump, boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, hot water pump.
    2) Corrosion resistant pumps: including stainless steel pump, high silicon cast iron pump, ceramic acid pump, impermeable graphite pump, lined hard rubber pump, hard polyvinyl chloride pump, canned motor pump, diaphragm pump, titanium pump and so on.
    3): Contains the impurity pump slurry pump, pump, sewage pump, coal ash pump and so on.
    4) Pump: cold oil, hot oil pump, oil pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump and so on.
    4, According to the conditions of use to classify:

    1) Large flow and micro flow pump: flow rate is 300m3/min and 0.O1L/min;
    2) High temperature pump and low temperature pump: high temperature reaches 500 degrees and low temperature reaches minus 253 degrees.
    3) High pressure pump and low pressure pump: high voltage is up to 200MPa, vacuum degree is 2.66---10.66kPa (20 - 80mmHg);
    4) High speed pump and low speed pump: high speed is up to 24000r/m, low speed is 5 - 10r/min;
    5) Metering pump of the accuracy: accuracy of flow measurement is up to 0.3%;
    6) High viscosity pump: the viscosity is up to thousands of Pa (s) seconds.
    5, According to the way of the sealing

    To static sealing, molten salt pump usually has the kinds of the seal pad and sealing ring. O-ring of the sealing ring is widely used. a dynamic seal, chemical pump rarely use packing seal, mechanical seals based, mechanical seal and single face and double faces, balanced and unbalanced type, balance type applicable to medium to high pressure seal (usually refers to the pressure is greater than 1.0MPa), double end face mechanical seal first for high temperature, easy to crystallize, viscosity, containing particles and toxic volatile medium, double end face mechanical seal shall write spacer fluid into the sealed cavity, the pressure is usually higher than the medium pressure 0.07~0.1MPa.
    6, According the date of chemical pump to make the different classification :
    (1) Chemical pumps (stainless steel) are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other parts for the delivery of alkaline corrosive media;
    (2) Chemical pump (fluorine plastic raw materials) is used to transport the medium that it is acidic or alkaline corrosive.
    (3) Chemical pump (cast iron) is used for industrial, urban water supply, drainage. And it also can be used for irrigation of farmland and orchard. It also can be used to carry water or other liquid that the physical property of liquid is similar to the chemical property.