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Common faults of molten salt submerged pump

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    The fault of the molten salt under pump running is consist of corrosion, wear, mechanical failure, failure of performance and seal. These four categories often influence each other and they are difficult to separate, such as impeller wear and corrosion can cause performance faults, mechanical faults. And damage of shaft seal will cause performance failure and mechanical failure.

    1, Wear and corrosion: corrosion is mainly due to improper material. When corrosion failure occurs, we should solve the problems from the media and materials. Wear often occurs in the transportation of slurry, the main reason is that the medium contains solid particles. For the pump of transporting slurry, the parts in addition to pump over-current components should adopt wear-resistant materials, seal shall be the clean liquid flushing so as to avoid impurity invasion. And the pump take washing facilities in order to avoid clogging. In addition, the vulnerable parts should be replaced when the wear is quantitative.
    2, mechanical failure: vibration and noise is the main mechanical failure. Main reasons of the vibration is bearing damage, cavitation or poor assembly, such as Warwick liquid pump is different shaft, foundation stiffness is not enough or foundation sinking, piping BIE Jin et.
    3, performance fault: fault performance mainly refers to the flow, Inadequate head, the cavitation performance of the pump, drive overload and other accident. Seal failure mainly refers to the seal leakage. The main reasons of Packing seal leakage is improper selection of filler, bushings and wear. The main reasons of mechanical seal leakage is that sealing surface damages or auxiliary circle is scratched or wrinkle.
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