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Assembly sequence of molten salt submerged pump

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    Assembly sequence of molten salt submerged  pump

    The assembly quality of molten salt pump directly affects the use reliability of the Warwick molten salt pump. In the assembly of molten salt pump, you should note side assembly boundary measurements. We should carry out in strict accordance with the assembly process. The assembly sequence is as follows. If you want to know the assembly process, please see Warwick pump technical documents.
    (1) the bearings are respectively arranged on the bearing box and the bearing seat.
    (2) the felt ring is arranged on the bearing cover a, C and bearing box.
    (3) the cap B, C of the bearing end is installed on the bearing seat and fixed with bolts.
    (4) the bearing box will be installed on the shaft bearing wear, round nut screw, and a bearing cover is fastened on the bearing box.
    (5) the shaft is placed into the bearing seat, fixed with bolts, screw on the adjusting screw, and the bearing is installed on the bearing seat. The water retaining ring is fixed on the appropriate position of the lower part.
    (6) the connection pipe is fixed on the bearing seat, and the connecting pipe at the lower part of the pump is installed cover. The lower part of the shaft is mounted on the impeller and tighten. You should orderly install the pump cover and fix with bolts. The adjustment screw of bearing box  adjusts the gap between impeller and the front cover. (Control in 1--1.5mm) after adjusting, you should fasten with nuts and bolts.
    (7) Support of the motor should be installed in the bearing seat by fastening bolts. At the upper end of the shaft mounted component, coupling of the motor is fasten with fastening screws on the motor shaft. The motor is installed in the motor bearing.
And it is fasten with the bolt, nut.
    (8) We should follow the order of the molten salt 
submerged  pump to fix the asbestos gasket, the submerged  elbow, the submerged  pipe fitted. And they are fixed on the support seat.
If you want to know more about the content of the molten salt 
submerged  pump assembly, please see official website of the Warwick pump company: