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Secondary-salt cticulatton system

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    The secondary system in the MSBR consists of the 4 coolant-salt circulation pumps, 16 steam generators, and 8 reheaters, all located in the steam generator cells, as described. Coolant-salt storage tanks are located in cells directly beneath the steam generator cells.

    The molten sodium fluoroborate coolant salt is circulated at a rate of about 71.2 X 106 lb/hr, as indicated on flowsheet. The coolant enters the shell side of the primary heat exchangers at 850°F and leaves at 1150°F. Each of the four coolant-salt 5 pumps circulates the coolant through four steam generators and two steam reheaters, with the flow proportioned so that outlet steam temperatures of 1000°F are obtained from each. The coolant-salt pumps can be operated at variable speed to minimize temperature excursions during power transients, and the steady-state temperature can be adjusted to match station load.