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Thermal Transients of the molten salt system

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    The test stand has a limited capability for performing thermal transient tests.   A cooling transient in the salt circulating through the pump of 8 to 10°F per minute for a 20 minute period can be obtained utilizing maximum salt system cooling and reducing pump speed to give approximately 10$ design flow. A similar heating transient can be obtained during operation at design pump speed with the salt cooling system off.
    A large cooling thermal shock also can be applied to the pump in A large cooling thermal shock also can be applied to the pump in of the pump impeller and casing and salt in the pump tank can, for instance, he maintained at approximately 1300°F, while the salt in the loop piping is lowered to about 1000°F. The salt pump would he brought up to design speed within 2 to 3 seconds, and the cool salt from the piping would displace the hot salt in the fully loaded pump impeller and casing.