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The meaning for the head of the submerged pump

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    For the submerged  pump, it has three heads: the head of actual suction, the actual pressure water head and the actual head. Generally speaking, the pump head refers to the height of the two water.

    Although Working principle of the submerged  pump uses the atmospheric pressure, but the effect of atmospheric pressure is only water head, there is no impact to the head of the water pressure. The impeller is driven by a motor with a high speed rotation, the water of the pump shell is rotated with the impeller and thrown into the out let water pipe, then the pressure reduces near the impeller shaft the lower the water pressure, forcing open the valve, along the inlet into the pump shell, the incoming water was thrown out water impeller. This continues to transport the water to the top. From this passage we can clearly see that the water in the water outlet pipe is thrown up by a high-speed rotating impeller. So, pressure the water head is determined by the power of the motor or other power equipment, as long as the power of the power equipment is big enough, the pressure water head can be more than 10 meters.
    Although the head of the
submerged  pump refers to the height difference of two surface. In fact, it is also affected by the resistance of pipe, pipe resistance will be minus a head. So the actual head of the submerged  pump is mainly determined in actual pressure water head, and the actual pressure water head is determined by power equipment work rate. And actual suction head is by high pressure and power equipment, atmospheric pressure mainly plays role to supply "supplement".
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