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Analysis of start-up principle for submerged pump

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    Analysis of start-up principle for submerged  pump

   Submerged  pump is a vane pump, it relies on the rotation of the impeller in the rotation process. Due to the interaction of blade and submerged , the blade will transport mechanical energy to the submerged , so the pressure of the submerged  can increase to achieve the purpose of conveying submerged . Submerged  pump has the following characteristics:
    ①The head that the
submerged  pump occurs in a certain speed has a limit. Work flow and shaft power depends on the condition that the system is connected with the pump (potentiometer, pressure difference and line losses). Lift will change with the change of the flow rate.
    ②The work is stable and the transportation is continuous. The flow and pressure is not fluctuating.
    ③Generally the pump does not have the capacity of no self absorption. You need to fill the pump with the 
submerged  or the pipeline is evacuated firstly, the pump can be used to start work.
ubmerged pump can start in the condition that discharge pipe valve closed. Vortex pumps and axial flow pump starts in the valve fully open state to reduce the starting power.
    Because the 
submerged pump impeller depends on centrifugal force to form the vacuum suction of lifting the water. So when submerged  pump starts, you must put the valve to close and irrigation. If the water level exceeds the above parts of the impeller, you should discharge the air of the submerged  pump and then you can only start. After starting the pump, it forms a vacuum around the impeller and the water will be up. The valve can automatically open and lift the water. Therefore, we must firstly close the valve.
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