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Cooling problem of high temperature liquid pump

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    The transmission of high temperature medium puts forward higher requirements to the pump structure, materials and auxiliary system.Nowlet us talk about the cooling requirements of the different temperature changes and how to select the type of the Company applicable pump:
    1. The medium that its temperature is lower than 1200Cusually do not set up a special cooling system.The medium usually uses itself to lubrication and cooling. As DFL (W) H chemical pump, DFL (W) pH shield pump (more than 900C when protection class of the shielding motor uses H).And IH chemical pump and the DFCZ normal pump due to the adoption of the suspension structure, the upper temperature limit can make the of 1400C to 1600C. The maximum temperature of IHF fluorine pump  can be up to 2000C. CQB magnetic pump temperature is only not more than 1000C. It is worth mentioning that it is the medium of the easy crystallization or containing particles. It should be equipped with a sealing face wash pipeline ( when it designingis left interface).
    2. For the medium that the temperature is between 1200C to 3000C. It generally shall be provided with a cooling cavity and seal chamber that the seal chamber should be connected to the cooling liquid (with double end mechanical seal).When it does not permit the cooling fluid to seep medium, it should take itself cooling medium to access (which can be achieved by simple heat exchanger). At present, the company has DFCZ type chemical process pump, GRG high temperature pipeline pump and HPK hot water circulating pump (under development) to use.The CQB-G high temperature magnetic pump can be lower than 2800C high temperature medium.
    3. For the temperature medium is high than 3000C, it is not only part of the pump  that it needs cooling and suspension bearing chamber should also be equipped with cooling system.The pump structure is generally used support form of the center. The mechanical seal is best to use the metal bellows type, but the price is high (price is 10 times of the ordinary machine seal). At present, using temperature of DFAY centrifugal oil pump can reach 4200 C (under development).
    If you want to know more about the content of the high temperature liquid pump cooling, please see official website of Warwick pump company: